“Thanks for continuing to strive for excellence in the many services you provide. The website looks great. The more streamlined look is less distracting and I think will make navigating the sight even better!

I have been using LMII as my main wood/parts supplier for almost 5 years now. LMII not only provides excellent products, but has been a link for me to gain access to a tremendous amount of expert knowledge and instruction on acoustic guitar building. Thanks for striving so hard to connect the dots for newer luthiers like myself to be able to benefit from the hard earned experience of the pros. I am now starting on my tenth guitar and have sold 6 of them. With each build, I strive to venture to new personal ground and it comforts me to know that LMII is always there and I can depend upon you guys for whatever I need, every step of the way."

- m.o. (Praus Guitars)

Blower Base Assembly

RTPBBlowerBasewPump900The Blower Base Assembly (RTPBBBA), for use with the LMI Rotary Plunge Tool, helps keep your work area clean and visible. The acrylic base has a channel routed in it, covered by a thin plate that allows the aquarium pump (included) to softly blow fine dust and chips away from your cutting line without creating a dust cloud. We find it works best in a conventional cut direction. When used in conjunction with the light plate we could easily see pencil lines on Ebony!

The Blower Base Assembly includes an acrylic base with a built in push-to-connect fitting, the blower and 2 feet of flexible tubing. Additional tubing is available separately.

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SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
RTPBBBA Blower Base Assembly Yes $39.95
RTPB14TUBE 1/4" vacuum tubing for RTPBBBA Blower Base Yes $2.75