“Just stumbled upon your website, after beginning a search to start a long-held desire to build an instrument, and all I can say is, "WOW'!!!! What an absolute treasure trove of delights, information, goodies! I look forward to ordering the fruits of a trawl through your extensive, if not mind-blowing array of products! WOW!"

David X

Schaller Mandolin Tuners

With its cutting-edge Velvet-Tec* technology the all new Schaller GrandTune™ is the ultimate combination of tasteful design and velvet-smooth feel and touch. Due to its revolutionary conception, the GrandTune™ offers a precision and longevity second to none. The avoidance of synthetic coatings makes GrandTune™ a perfectly resonating entity. 1:18 gear ratio supports precise and velvet- smooth tuning. Hyper-accurate gear joints and fittings without polymer coatings present perfect stick-slip-performance and zero wear and slackening. GrandTune™ features permanently locked, sealed and covered screw joints for zero degradation and maintenance-free performance. New formula bell brass gearwheels guarantee velvet-smooth feel and touch Standard dimensions for easy installation. Countersunk screw holes for a solid fit and perfect sound coupling. Screws and bushings included For larger photos and technical drawings, click on individual tuners, below.