"Just letting you know the order arrived and everything looks to be correct and all good. I also found that you found the perfect length Macassar Ebony fretboard blank for my “outside of the box” acoustic project, it also has amazing striping throughout, all as per my request, thanks heaps for doing that! It looks incredible! Thanks heaps for the great service again!

Kind regards, Steve

Electric knob, Ebony w/black rings for 6...Classical fingerboard, Rock Maple, 2nd g...

Ebony replacement buttons, oval


  • TUNERSGotohOvalEbonyReplacementButtonsGRKEC600Set of 6 buttons
  • Screws not included

The Grover/oval replacement buttons do not need new screws, as the existing screws on your tuner can be reused. If you prefer to use a different color screw, be sure to order either the GSC, GSG or GSB screw set to complement the button you are purchasing.

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GRKEC Ebony replacement buttons, oval Yes $11.29 $10.04