After three orders of fingerboards, and finding them to be exactly what I ordered, I felt I needed to tell everybody these people and the products they sell are excellent! They made a special effort to send my request for a specific color, it was perfect! The wood in these boards is awesome. Thank you very much for attention to my wishes.

Sincerely Jim

Vintage White Strat PickguardInlay material, African Ebony, 7 7/8&quo...

Ebony replacement buttons, Grover style


  • TUNERSGotohEbonyReplacementButtonsGRKE450bSet of 6 buttons
  • Screws not included

The Grover/oval replacement buttons do not need new screws, as the existing screws on your tuner can be reused. If you prefer to use a different color screw, be sure to order either the GSC, GSG or GSB screw set to complement the button you are purchasing.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
GRKE Ebony replacement buttons, Grover style Yes $11.29 $10.04