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Gotoh™ Classical Premium Tuners

These top-of-the-line Gotoh tuners have cast beveled plates. The brackets are inset into the plates from the back side - no rivets. These are probably the nicest looking machines available from a large-scale manufacturer.

TUNERSGotohPremiumClassicalGGCGBR600Some of our premium tuners are now “friction resistant”! This exciting Gotoh innovation has a smooth turning, tightly machined bearing at the end of the roller. The bearing is invisible as it is neatly situated just inside the tuner hole at the center of the peghead. The rollers move effortlessly, with zero friction against the wood or a separate bearing insert. Nice! The new Gotoh ‘Friction Resistant Rollers’ which now come on many high-end Gotoh tuners, measure .007-.009 wider than the standard .393 (10mm) classical rollers.

Friction Resistant Rollers will not fit into the pre-carved classical necks without widening the holes slightly. This can be easily done with a round file or with doweling wrapped with adhesive sandpaper. Most people using tuners with these rollers who drill their own tuner holes, have not needed to modify the hole drilled with a standard 10mm bit, probably because acceptable drilling tolerances exceed this small amount (.007-.009).

These tuners have a 16:1 gear ratio, 70mm post hole spacing (35mm post-to-post) and a 10mm (3/8”) barrel. Screws are included.