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- I.T. Japan

Truss Rod, standard welded end



NOTE: Allen wrenches are
not included with truss rod
About half the price of the wrapped TRS, this rod has a few additional advantages. It can be used with thinner necks. You need only rout or table saw a 3/16" x 3/8" deep slot, not a 1/2" deep slot. The rod on top is square in cross-section, welded to a bar of round stock. This helps keep the channel clean of glue from fingerboard gluing. As well, more surface area bears against the fingerboard, making fingerboard cracking highly improbable, and the use of a spline unnecessary. Put a piece of scotch tape over the rod when spreading glue, then remove it right before clamping the fingerboard. It's a good idea to cushion this rod with a little silicone, especially near the nut and a few other points along the length of the rod. This prevents the rod's resonant frequency from making unnerving buzzing sounds when certain notes are played. The key stock against which the nut bears may be ground away a little if needed, and you will have to excavate a little more, about 1/2", to accommodate the adjusting nut. Offered in 5 lengths.

Please Note: All of the truss rods we carry are made, inspected and tested in the USA. Still, we urge you to carefully inspect each rod you receive to make sure it meets your specifications. Once installed, a truss rod can be extremely difficult to replace or repair. Put each rod in a vise and turn the nut beyond its normal range of adjustment (turn it both ways if it is a two-way rod). As with all of our products, LMI is not responsible for any effect of a defective truss rod, or any related costs, beyond the price of the truss rod itself. In keeping with our return policy, we are happy to replace or refund the cost of any rod that you are not happy with. Please call for a return authorization number within 2 weeks of receiving your order. Modification of the rod in any way voids your warranty.
Note: Overall length is the length of rod + nut.