“I recently purchased a beautiful fingerboard from you and now I am thinking of grabbing fretwire from you as well. Unfortunately I'm cheap and lazy and find myself here asking if it is possible to pay more to have your fretwire radiused before it is sent? You guys would be the coolest ever. No matter what the outcome, I will be sending more business your way from here in Maine. Hoping for good news! Thank you!"

Western Redcedar tops


Thuja plicata

Western Redcedar exists as a counterpart to Spruce with a distinct set of attributes that has gained a devoted set of fans among luthiers and guitarists. Today many high quality nylon string guitars, and increasingly steel string guitars, are made with Cedar.

Cedar is more fragile and not as elastic as Spruce, but it is more stable with changes in moisture content. It is liked for its warm color, straight grain, and clear crisp tap tone. The sound of a Cedar topped guitar is regarded for its harmonic richness and complexity and for a wider dynamic range compared to Spruce – though it’s lack of “headroom” makes it a poor choice for heavy handed flatpickers. The color ranges from light to reddish to (only rarely) chocolate brown with subtle unevenness of color being allowed sometimes even in the higher grades.

See a Western Redcedar top on a guitar by Mark Berry.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
TWC3ASS Top, Western Redcedar, AAA grade, steel string Yes $66.91 $59.55
TWC2ASS Top, Western Redcedar, AA grade, steel string Yes $46.00 $40.94
TWC1ASS Top, Western Redcedar, A grade, steel string Yes $36.33 $32.33
TWC1ACL Top, Western Redcedar, A grade, classical/OM No $36.33 $32.33
TWC2SS Top, Western Redcedar, 2nd grade, steel string Yes $28.71 $25.55
TWC2CL Top, Western Redcedar, 2nd grade, classical/OM No $27.27 $24.27