"I’m about 10 tops into a stack of 40 cedar tops I got from you, and whenever I want to start a new guitar, I just walk over and pick a top off the stack, and start building.
They are all that great! I don’t have to dink around with the pattern, or select the “best" one: I just start building. I love that!  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your high standards, and what a pleasure it is to do business with you!"


Preshaped Braces

Our preshaped brace kits are made to match the specific LMI plan referenced in the line descriptions. They could also be used for generic guitars similar to our plans. The braces are shaped from quartersawn vertical grain Sitka Spruce. The bottom of the braces are flat and and need to be cut to length, after which they can easily be contoured to your desired back and soundboard radius using a radiused dish and sandpaper (SPH50). The braces are not scalloped as we feel the builder should scallop the braces while tapping the top until the ideal taptone is achieved.

Brace Set Size & Use CHART
Feel free to email us for a complete list of the braces included in each kit.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
WBPL48 Dreadnought preshaped brace set
Yes $19.10
WBPL34 OM preshaped brace set
Yes $19.10
WBPL29 Parlor (small orchestra) preshaped brace set
Yes $17.95