“I recently purchased a beautiful fingerboard from you and now I am thinking of grabbing fretwire from you as well. Unfortunately I'm cheap and lazy and find myself here asking if it is possible to pay more to have your fretwire radiused before it is sent? You guys would be the coolest ever. No matter what the outcome, I will be sending more business your way from here in Maine. Hoping for good news! Thank you!"

Steel String Carved Dovetail necks

Gibson style
Martin style

All our pre-carved Honduran Mahogany dovetail necks are CNC'd (computer numerically controlled router) from quartersawn wood and come with an oversized peghead which allows the builders to customize their peghead thickness and shape. The pegheads on all these necks have industry standard glued wings on the peghead. See "Carved Neck Comparison Chart", below.

If we have 2nd grade necks, they are downgraded for relatively slight imperfections. They might have a small nick on the peghead, or some slight discoloration of the wood, but typically something that will be barely noticeable.

Most necks are available with a Diamond at the peghead base. The diamond is decorative, but also adds a bit of mass at a structurally weaker section of the neck. It can be easily removed if it is not desired (See neck "Diamond" closeup).

The difference between the Gibson™-style and Martin™-style necks are the heels. The heel cap on the Gibson™-style neck measures 1.820" wide and .845" tall and has a half ellipse shape. The heel on the Martin™-style neck measures 1.100" wide and .890" tall and has a cathedral shape.

When fitting the dovetail, the neck should be about 3/8" proud of the heel block. This gives you more room to manuever to get the centerline and angle just right, once the sides are attached. (The dovetail-mortise fit should not be a "glove fit" as you get it from us.) Work the shoulders of the neck first; use carbon (articulating) paper, and sandpaper to mark and pare away. The dovetails on our precarved necks are French dovetails with a 2 1/2° taper cut into the heel.


LMI steel string carved Necks video 
with Robert O'Brien.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
NKHMDDHLS Martin™ dovetail, Diamond, heel included
Yes $197.10
NKHMDDGHLS Gibson™ dovetail, heel included
Yes $197.10
HBHMDDH Dovetail, heel only for dovetail necks listed here Yes $14.96