"I’m about 10 tops into a stack of 40 cedar tops I got from you, and whenever I want to start a new guitar, I just walk over and pick a top off the stack, and start building.
They are all that great! I don’t have to dink around with the pattern, or select the “best" one: I just start building. I love that!  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your high standards, and what a pleasure it is to do business with you!"


Rock Maple Neck Blanks

2 quartersawn and 3 flatsawn
Rock Maple boards.

The necks listed on this page are quartersawn unless otherwise indicated.

Stable, clear Rock Maple from the east side of the North American continent is the best Maple for necks and a staple in the electric guitar world. All our necks here are straight grained and quartersawn, unless otherwise noted. The second grade necks will have small grain irregularities or unevenness of color.

NOTE: 2 flatsawn necks blanks can be glued up to make up one super-stable quartersawn neck. Adding a laminate adds even more strength and is an attractive feature. See drawing. 

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 4+  
NKRM1354FS Neck, Rock Maple, 1st grade, 35" long, flatsawn
Yes $34.03 $30.28
NKRM130NSFS Neck, Rock Maple, 1st grade, 30" long, flatsawn, narrow
Yes $38.33 $34.11
NKRM1304FS Neck, Rock Maple,1st grade, 30" long, flatsawn
Yes $29.17 $25.96
NKRM1303 Neck, Rock Maple, 1st grade, 30" long, quartersawn
No $23.12 $20.58
NKRM2304FS Neck, Rock Maple, 2nd grade,30" long, flatsawn
Yes $23.04 $20.51
NKRM1243 Neck, Rock Maple, 1st grade, 24" long, quartersawn
Yes $18.50 $16.47
NKRM2243 Neck, Rock Maple, 2nd grade, 24" long, quartersawn
No $14.62 $13.01