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Pre-Carved Spanish Cedar Classical Necks

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With a traditional Spanish heel, these reasonably priced necks are great for the beginning builder that finds carving his/her first neck a little daunting. Experienced builders will love them for the labor and time savings they gain by using them. These necks are precision CNC'd now, so the quality has improved over previous models . All that is needed is a small amount of finish sanding. They are made from 1st grade, quartersawn wood and feature either an Indian Rosewood or an Ebony headplate. The tuner holes will accommodate any of the classical tuners we carry.

Our second grade necks
(when they are available) are either a bit too far off quarter to be first grade or have suffered machining errors that have left small chip-outs that can be repaired or otherwise worked around. These necks are stable and offer a nice savings for those who are up to putting a little more work into the neck then what is required with the first grade necks.

  • Heel depth - 10cm/3.93"
  • Width at the nut - 51mm/2.0"
  • Depth of neck at nut - 20mm/ .790"
  • Width at 12th fret - 65mm/2.56
  • Slot width - 15mm/.59"
  • Slot Length - 101mm/3.97" (measured from back of neck) 
  • Width at top of peghead - 78mm/3.07"
  • Length of peghead - 190mm/7.48" (measured at center) 
  • Thickness of peghead - 20mm/.787" 
  • Angle of peghead relative to fingerboard - 17 degrees
  • Tuner hole spacing - 70mm/2.75"

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NKSC2CLRW Classical neck w/Spanish heel, Spanish Cedar, Indian Rw headplate, 650mm scale, 2nd grade
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