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Port Orford Cedar Neck Blanks

NECKSPortOrfordWNPOC700Often used for acoustic guitar soundboards, Port Orford Cedar is gaining in popularity as a neck wood. It is similar in appearance and scent to Alaskan Yellow Cedar, but is stiffer and lighter. Indeed, it is highly sought after for the bold, robust, responsive tone that it imparts on an instrument soundboard. It is very even textured, with a slight golden-white color and tight, even grain.

What Les Stansell says about this wood:
     "It is the ultimate "structural grade" wood and has the highest strength to weight ratio of all wood species. It is among the toughest and most elastic of softwoods and due to its fibrous interlocking grain structure it is extremely resistant to splitting and is very dimensionally stable.
     When compared to traditional neck woods, PO Cedar rivals both the lightness of Spanish Cedar and the stiffness of Honduras Mahogany… and with its very small, almost microscopic pores it finishes out like glass (with no pre-filling) to a look of aged ivory. Can you tell that I am crazy about Port Orford Cedar?"

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NKPC1353 Neck blank, Port Orford Cedar, 35" long
Yes $57.80
NKPC2353 Neck blank, Port Orford Cedar, 2nd grade, 35" long
Yes $45.65
NKPC1243 Neck blank, Port Orford Cedar, 24" long
Yes $39.63