"I’m about 10 tops into a stack of 40 cedar tops I got from you, and whenever I want to start a new guitar, I just walk over and pick a top off the stack, and start building.
They are all that great! I don’t have to dink around with the pattern, or select the “best" one: I just start building. I love that!  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your high standards, and what a pleasure it is to do business with you!"


Khaya Neck Blanks

NECKSblankKhaya500Khaya ivorensis

     Khaya has often been overlooked as a substitute for genuine Honduran Mahogany. We have carried it for years for backs and sides, and though it is a very attractive wood, the wide pores, lighter weight and pinkish color we usually see in this species clearly distinguish it from "the real thing". But we have now found that there are different strains of Khaya which look nearly identical to Honduran Mahogany - or at least present themselves as the best substitute we have come across so far!
     It should be mentioned that the suggestion to carry it came to us from a well know manufacturer that has been using it for a while on their high-end instruments with no protests from their discerning customers.

Note: The longer a neck blank is, the more difficult it becomes to maintain straight grain along the entire piece. We attempt to maintain straight grain along our 35 inch necks for at least 24 inches after which the grain may veer slightly off the board.

• Parts for added heels and heel blocks can be found under Various Heel Blocks.

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NKKH1353 Neck blank, Khaya, 35" long
No $33.20 $29.55
NKKH2353 Neck blank, Khaya, 2nd grade, 35" long
Yes $25.55 $22.75
NKKH1303 Neck blank, Khaya, 30" long
Yes $21.60 $19.20
NKKH2303 Neck blank, Khaya, 2nd grade, 30" long
No $17.05 $15.15
NKKH2243 Neck blank, Khaya, 2nd grade, 24" long
Yes $17.20 $15.30