"Just letting you know the order arrived and everything looks to be correct and all good. I also found that you found the perfect length Macassar Ebony fretboard blank for my “outside of the box” acoustic project, it also has amazing striping throughout, all as per my request, thanks heaps for doing that! It looks incredible! Thanks heaps for the great service again!

Kind regards, Steve

Fingerboard Slotting



“I just received my order of Rosewood
fingerboards and they are perfect.
The radius and slots are dead on
and the wood is beautiful.
Thank You, RLB.”



Fingerboard slotting is available for any of the fingerboard woods that you purchase. We can slot almost any scale imaginable with our Custom Fret Slotting Service. For simplicity's sake, there are a number of scales defined on the chart below. The fret slots are 0.024" and accommodate our fretwire as well as other standard wire. Simply choose the SKU number corresponding to the scale length that you want AND, if you do not want the number of frets in the chart below, or if there is no default in the chart, indicate the number of frets needed in the Special Instructions Box of your Shopping Cart when you check out.

The nut position is marked by an additional slot (sometimes called a "zero" fret) – just cut off the excess fingerboard wood at this slot. Since each fingerboard is slotted when ordered, allow 2-3 days. If you are making a Fender™-style neck and need some extra wood behind the nut position, order the SVF25.5F. We always leave approximately 1" behind the nut slot on this scale, which does not leave us enough room to slot more than 22 frets on most fingerboards. If you need more than 22 frets, let us know that it is okay to cut the first slot near the very end of the board (rather than leaving wood behind the nut).

*Allow 2 or 3 days for this service.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to include the actual fingerboard(s) you want serviced in your cart, or we will be unable to perform the service (Go to "Fingerboards" to choose your board).


Select a scale length appropriate to your guitar/neck. Unless you want the standard amount, please specify how many fret slots you want in the “special instructions” box you’ll find when you checkout. Do not add this to your kit if you have already ordered a pre-serviced (same day) fingerboard.