“I have seldom had
experience with
a company with
such careful attention
to customer
Although I am sure
my orders are
smaller than most,
your products have
been of the highest
quality and your
responsiveness to
my special requests
have always been
treated with
respect and
My thanks to
all of your staff."

Dave S.,
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Bridge Pins - Wood and Plastic


Our beautiful wood bridge pins are available in Bloodwood, Boxwood, Cocobolo, Ebony, Indian Rosewood and Tintul/Tamarind (a hardwood found in India that is almost indistinguishable from Indian Rosewood in a bridge pin). Many of the pins have abalone, MOP, parisian eye, Boxwood or Ebony dot accents. We also carry matching wood endpins for attaching a strap to the end of the guitar.

Plastic pins are rarely used on new instruments, but every repair person needs to keep them on hand as replacements for production instruments.

Both wood and plastic pins are sold in sets of 6.





SKU Product Name In Stock Each 4+  
PI27K Bridge pins, Bloodwood
Yes $7.25 $6.45
PI5K Bridge pins, Ebony
Yes $4.75 $4.25
PI5AK Bridge pins, Ebony w/ab dot
Yes $7.95 $7.10
PI5RK Bridge pins, Tintul
Yes $4.75 $4.25
PI7K Bridge pins, Boxwood
Yes $4.75 $4.25
PI18K Bridge pins, Boxwood w/Ebony dot
Yes $5.15 $4.60
PI26K Bridge pins, Cocobolo
Yes $7.25 $6.45
PI3K Bridge pins, Ebony
Yes $4.75 $4.25
PI3AK Bridge pins, Ebony w/ab dot
Yes $7.95 $7.10
PI3MK Bridge pins, Ebony w/MOP dot
Yes $7.95 $7.10
PI14K Bridge pins, Ebony w/MOP Parisian eye
Yes $5.15 $4.60
PI14NSK Bridge pins, Ebony w/MOP Parisian eye, unslotted
Yes $5.15 $4.60
PI4K Bridge pins, Indian Rw
Yes $4.75 $4.25
PI4MK Bridge pins, Ind. Rw w/MOP dot
Yes $7.95 $7.10
PI15K Bridge pins, Tintul
Yes $2.60 $2.30
PI16K Bridge pins, Tintul w/MOP Parisian eye
Yes $5.15 $4.60
PI1BK Bridge pins, Cream plastic w/black dot, set of 6
Yes $1.95 $1.75
PI28K Bridge pins, brass
Yes $8.50 $7.55
PI3ANSK Bridge pins, Ebony w/ab dot
Yes $7.95 $7.10
PI3MNSK Bridge pins, Ebony w/MOP dot
Yes $7.95 $7.10
PI4NSK Bridge pins, Indian Rw
No $4.75 $4.25
PI4MNSK Bridge pins, Ind. Rw w/MOP dot
Yes $7.95 $7.10
Yes $0.00 N/A
PI3NSK Bridge pins, Ebony
Yes $4.75 $4.25