After three orders of fingerboards, and finding them to be exactly what I ordered, I felt I needed to tell everybody these people and the products they sell are excellent! They made a special effort to send my request for a specific color, it was perfect! The wood in these boards is awesome. Thank you very much for attention to my wishes.

Sincerely Jim

Bone Pins

Bone pins: plain, Ebony dot and abalone dot.

A great substitute for Ivory!

These cattle bone pins are harder than wood and more affordable than ivory.

The bridge pins are slotted and have a 3 degree taper (unless noted otherwise).

  • Bridge pins sold in sets of 6
  • End pins sold individually






SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
PI24K Bridge pins, Bone
Yes $12.50
PI25K Bridge pins, Bone w/abalone dot
Yes $16.25
PI17K Bridge pins, Bone w/Ebony dot
Yes $13.55
PI5BEK Bridge pins, Bone w/Ebony dot, 5 degree taper
Yes $13.55
PIE24 End pin, Bone
Yes $2.65
PIE25 End pin, Bone w/abalone dot
Yes $3.60
PIE26 End pin, Bone w/Ebony dot
Yes $2.90