I recently ordered a couple of Bearclaw Sitka guitar tops and I wanted to let you know that not only did they arrive safe and sound but they are beautiful. Amazing figure! Having been less than satisfied with some wood suppliers over the years it's comforting to know that LMII has consistently come across in both quality and integrity. I never have to worry and that's a wonderful thing!

Thanks again,
Marc Beneteau

Bone Pins

Bone pins: plain, Ebony dot and abalone dot.

A great substitute for Ivory!

These cattle bone pins are harder than wood and more affordable than ivory.

The bridge pins are slotted and have a 3 degree taper (unless noted otherwise).

  • Bridge pins sold in sets of 6
  • End pins sold individually






SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
PI24K Bridge pins, Bone
Yes $12.50
PI25K Bridge pins, Bone w/abalone dot
Yes $16.25
PI17K Bridge pins, Bone w/Ebony dot
Yes $13.55
PI5BEK Bridge pins, Bone w/Ebony dot, 5 degree taper
Yes $13.55
PIE24 End pin, Bone
Yes $2.65
PIE25 End pin, Bone w/abalone dot
Yes $3.60
PIE26 End pin, Bone w/Ebony dot
Yes $2.90