“I keep meaning to send an email and let you know that I got the prem. Indian Rosewood and was very pleased. You all at LMII have always given me great reason for trust in doing business with you. You have always treated me well and in a prompt and professional fashion. You have always helped with any problems that I might. have. Your staff is knowledgeable and professional and the materials have been great. You guys run the type of business that makes me look for things I need that I can get from you. If that doesn't work (look for things I might need in the future). Thank you for giving me a place where I can buy my materials with confidence.”

Michael M.

Wood Strips for Purfling & Trim

WoodStripsMaplePF1PF2A500 Maple
WoodStripsEbonizedPF3A500 Ebonized (black)
WoodStripsIndianRwPF4A500 Indian Rosewood 
WoodStripsBloodwoodPF6A500 Bloodwood 
WoodStripsRedWSRD500 Red 
WoodStripsTealWSBL500 Teal 
WoodStripsGreenWSG500 Green 
WoodStripsYellowWSY500 Yellow 
All wood strips are 32" minimum length
Measurements  are
 listed width x height.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 12+  
WSMP1 Strips, Maple, .035" x .250"
Yes $1.48 $1.32
WSMP2 Strips, Maple, .022" x .250"
Yes $1.48 $1.32
WSMP3 Strips, Maple, .022" x .100"
Yes $1.48 $1.32
WSBK1 Strips, Ebonized (black), .022" x .250"
Yes $1.48 $1.32
WSBK2 Strips, Ebonized (black), .022" x .100"
Yes $1.48 $1.32
WSRW1 Strips, Indian Rosewood, .024" x .250"
Yes $1.48 $1.32
WSRW2 Strips, Indian Rosewood, .024" x .100"
Yes $1.48 $1.32
WSBW1 Strips, Bloodwood, .024" x .250"
Yes $1.48 $1.32
WSBW2 Strips, Bloodwood, .024" x .100"
Yes $2.11 $1.87
WSRD1 Strips, red .020" x .250"
Yes $1.13 $1.01
WSBL1 Strips, teal, .020" x .250"
Yes $1.13 $1.01
WSG1 Strips, green, .020" x .250"
Yes $1.13 $1.01
WSY1 Strips, yellow, .020" x .250"
Yes $1.13 $1.01