"Just received my latest classical guitar kit. I had a couple of requests for wood selection, and you did a great job in selecting on both counts,
In addition, all the wood was great quality - this was an expensive kit, but your product made it a very good value to me.

Thanks for the great work!"


T’zalam, plain

Lysiloma spp.

T'zalam, also commonly called Mayan Walnut  is not a "true Juglans genus Walnut". It is even-colored, straight-grained, and very easy to work. The color is a light to medium mocha with contrasting dark gray grain lines. Even the plain sets have a very subtle flame figure. A few sets may have a blonde sapwood center.

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B&S, T'zalam, steel string

BSTZSS001 -  $84.73

B&S, T'zalam, steel string

BSTZSS003 -  $84.73

B&S, T'zalam, steel string

BSTZSS004 -  $84.73

B&S, T'zalam, steel string

BSTZSS005 -  $84.73

B&S, T'zalam, classical

BSTZCL002 -  $82.57

B&S, T'zalam, classical

BSTZCL003 -  $82.57

B&S, T'zalam, classical

BSTZCL004 -  $82.57