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Sapele, plain


Entandrophragma cylindricum

Sapele is a little heavier and a good alternative to Honduran Mahogany but finer textured. A fine guitar wood due to the relative low cost, ease of working, and stability. Bending success is improved if less water is used. Colors range from light pink to medium brown to reddish brown. The figure on well-quartered pieces is the characteristic stripe resulting from interlocked grain.

The special grade quilted Sapele is riddled with deep, rich figure that covers the entire board. Although any figured wood presents some difficulties when bending, this wood is not significantly problematic and no unusual problems have been reported. We have only a very few sets of this stunning wood available.

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BSSA1SS B&S, plain Sapele, 1st grade, steel string
Yes $45.35
BSSA1CL B & S, Sapele, classical Yes $43.35
BSSA2CL B & S, Sapele, classical, 2nd grade No $34.25