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Aspidosperma macrocarpon

Pumaquiro is sometimes called Andean Cherry. A true rarity, this tonewood from deepest, darkest Peru it is visually reminiscent of Sapele with striking, ribbon figure and a complex reddish brown color. It's typically a little lighter in color than Sapele -and less porous. The main difference though is Pumaquiro's tap tone, which, despite the wood's light weight is loud, bright and responsive.

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B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS001 -  $90.67

B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS002 -  $90.67

B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS005 -  $90.67

B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS007 -  $90.67

B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS011 -  $90.67