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- m.o. (Praus Guitars)

Myrtle, Strong Flame

Myrtle guitar by Rick Micheletti.

Umbellularia californica

Oregon Myrtle, also known as California Bay Laurel or Pepperwood, ranges in color from blonde-yellow to taupe and makes very nice guitars. No two sets look alike, thus each guitar built is an original! Tonally it is similar to Maple, clear and bright with nice projection, but it is much easier to bend than Maple. For this reason it is a great wood for beginners. Les Stansell uses this wood on his fine classical guitars, and Robert Ruck has commented that it compares favorably to any of the traditional flamenco woods and recommends it on all levels.

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B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG010 -  $205.20

B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG011 -  $199.80

B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG013 -  $216.00

B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG014 -  $194.40

B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG015 -  $194.40

B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG017 -  $167.40

B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG019 -  $280.80

B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG024 -  $183.60

B&S, Myrtle, steel string, strong

BSMTSSFLSG025 -  $216.00

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