“I received my order today and I just wanted to tell you thanks. The wood is exactly what I wanted, absolutely beautiful, the packaging was great and I'm looking forward to buying more from you. I've purchased tonewoods from other vendors and ebay before, but even the best from them doesn't compare to the quality and value of what I bought from you. Thanks again!”

- D. E.

Figured Honduran Mahogany



Care must be taken when
bending figured wood.
Bending on the
dryer/hotter side
is recommended.


The stunning visual effect of figured Honduran Mahogany will set any guitar apart from the rest.

Because these sets are one-of-a-kind, they cannot be reserved.  Once a set is purchased, it will disappear from the page. If a set was already put in another persons cart, they will not be able to check out until they remove it.

Sets shown below are lightly wiped on one side with water to help show the figure of the wood.


B&S Hond. Mahog, classical

BSHMCLFLMXD001 -  $290.00