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Black Heart Sassafras

BSBlkSassafrasWBHS500Atherosperma Moschatum

Few woods on the market match the striking color contrasts found in this species. A native Tasmanian timber, the dark, variegated colors in the center of the log are caused by a fungus which fortunately, does not disturb the stability of the wood. The wood is light in weight, easy to work, bend and to finish. Tonally it falls into a category that might also include Myrtle, Walnut and Maple, so expect an open sound with nice separation and sparkling highs.

WARNING: The black stripes in Sassafras are caused by a fungus, therefore, the dust should not be inhaled. Care should be taken when sanding all woods as wood dust can have adverse health consequences.

See a Sassafras guitar by Stephen Kinnaird.


Back & Sides Dimensions

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B&S, Blk Hrt Sassafras, classical

BSBH1CL013 -  $409.05

B&S, Blk Hrt Sassafras, classical

BSBH1CL016 -  $409.05

B&S, Blk Hrt Sassafras, classical

BSBH1CL018 -  $409.05

B&S, Blk Hrt Sassafras, classical

BSBH1CL020 -  $409.05

B&S, Blk Hrt Sassafras, classical

BSBH1CL021 -  $409.05

B&S, Blk Hrt Sassafras, classical

BSBH1CL023 -  $409.05

B&S, Blk Hrt Sassafras, classical

BSBH1CL028 -  $409.05