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Allan Harrington

U-Beaut Hard Shellac


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Ever wished you had a finish that was as easy to use as shellac but with the durability of polyurethane? Well wish no more, because here it is.

This unique Hard Shellac creates a film with a high resistance to heat, water and alcohol, yet it is used in exactly the same was as any normal shellac. It can be applied with a rubber as French polish, brushed, sprayed and dipped. It takes approximately 2 ounces to finish one guitar. 
After shellac has been dissolved in ethanol (during the manufacturing process), it is possible to introduce additives that cause the shellac to cross link after it has dried. This cross linking takes about 20 days to completely cure, less in hot weather.

  Brilliant for use on guitars, lutes, harps and many other musical instruments where a traditional finish is required and good resonance qualities are essential. Also great on furniture.
    Hard Shellac has an added plasticizer. This gives elasticity to the cured finish, to combat crazing on the thin walls of musical instruments, while still having high resistance to marking from water, alcohol and heat.


  • Hard Shellac is applied in the same manner as any normal shellac. The drying time is the same as regular shellac, almost instantly. Water dye may be used under the shellac to change the color of the wood to be polished. There is no need to use a sanding sealer or anything else under the Hard Shellac, however you may apply a weak solution of the shellac as a first coat using 1 part Hard Shellac to 8 parts denatured alcohol. This coat can be fine sanded after it has dried. This will seal the wood and dye (if used) and will give a beautiful smooth base upon which to build your finish.
  • Hard Shellac is light amber in color and even lighter after thinning. It should not darken the color of the wood it is applied to any more than wetting the wood with water or alcohol will darken it. Hard Shellac is a reasonably strong brew and may need to be thinned up to 50/50 with denatured alcohol depending on your application method.
  • Application gear must be washed IMMEDIATELY after use.
  • If rubber, brush or spray equipment is left to dry it will go rock hard and become unusable.
  • Wash up and thin with denatured alcohol available at most good hardware and paint shops.