I want to express my deepest gratitude to the team at LMII.  When I started making guitars 26 years ago, my first guitar was made from wood that I ordered from the LMI catalog (there was no internet back then). Since then, the team at LMI has been nothing short of excellent!  The products and services are second to none.  My only regret is that I waited 26 years to say...THANK YOU!

Tony Vines

Royal-Lac Post-Catalyzed Wood Finish

Royal-Lac Post Catalyzed wood finish is a shellac based finish formulated with a blend of synthetic resins. Post catalysis helps in creating a cross-linked polymer that is far superior in terms of fast curing, chemical resistance, and hardness.  Royal-Lac Post Catalyzed is specially designed for spray equipment suitable for small to large scale finishing operations. It can also be brushed and padded/wiped on. French Polishing is not recommended. Some of the benefits that it offers are:

  • Fast cure - curing is complete in 5-7 days after last application
  • Quick drying - coats are dry in about 30 minutes; re-coat is recommended every 1 hourFRLSQCAT001.jpg
  • 4-5 coats can be sprayed within a span of 8 hours
  • High solids content of 40% by weight
  • Low VOC - less than 275 grams/liter
  • Ready for sanding and buffing after cure
  • Looks and feels just like shellac but with exceptional durability
  • Can withstand more than 150 MEK double rubs
  • Hardens to greater than 6H Pencil Hardness
  • Great adhesion due to shellac being a major component in the formulation

Mixing procedure:
Mix Royal-Lac Post Catalyzed finish with the supplied catalyst in a 7:1 ratio, i.e. mix 7 parts of Royal-Lac Post Catalyzed with 1 part of RL-Cure catalyst. Use metal or glass containers for mixing. Plastic containers are not recommended. Only mix as much product as you will use. The pot-life of this product is 8-10 hours.



Robbie O'Brien discusses Royal-Lac post-catalyzed wood finish. 


Royal-Lac post catalyzed finish Safety Data Sheet
Royal-Lac catalyst Safety Data Sheet