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 - John Dixon, Canada

LMI Pore Filler



PoreFillerPhotoSquare500LMI Pore Filler is an easy to use water cleanup, paste wood filler. This filler is designed to be used with water-based finishes, but with proper cure can be used successfully under lacquers. LMI Pore Filler doesn't shrink and is minimally absorbent of finishes and solvents. 
We offer 4 base colors:
  • Maple/Natural for light-colored woods
  • Mahogany for medium red/brown woods
  • Walnut/Rosewood for dark brown colored woods
  • Ultra Dark/Blackwood for the darkest woods
TO USE: Simply spread a small amount over the surface to be filled using a flexible spatula raked across the grain, pressing the material into the pores while scraping away the excess. When the pores are filled, set aside to dry (minimum time one hour, best overnight), then sand or scrape smooth. Seal wood with a wash coat of suitable sealer, then proceed with regular finishing routine.
PLEASE NOTE: This products contains microbeads and should not be washed down the sink. It is best to dispose of with regular trash headed to a landfill. See the Sierra Club's article "How to Handle Microbeads"
Photo (from top):
Ultra Dark/Blackwood

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
FMBF8N LMI Pore Filler, Maple/Natural - light, 8 oz. Yes $12.70
FMBF8M LMI Pore Filler, Mahogany/Reddish brown - medium, 8 oz. Yes $12.70
FMBF8R LMI Pore Filler, Walnut/Rosewood - dark, 8 oz. Yes $12.70
FMBF8D LMI Pore Filler, Ultra dark/Blackwood - very dark, 8 oz. Yes $12.70