"Just received my latest classical guitar kit. I had a couple of requests for wood selection, and you did a great job in selecting on both counts,
In addition, all the wood was great quality - this was an expensive kit, but your product made it a very good value to me.

Thanks for the great work!"


Chemcraft Pore Filler




Customers find that no other pore filler compares!

Finish expert and lutherie instructor Brian Boedigheimer recommended Chemcraft Pore Filler to us at an Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA) symposium, saying:

“There's no better paste wood filler. No one should ever have to add more than 10% UTC (universal tint color) by volume. 8-12 hours of drying time should be enough under decent conditions of temperature and humidity, perhaps up to 24 hours drying time if conditions are not perfect. Usually I fill and sand the next day without issue.”

  • It fills better.
  • It dries harder.
  • It's non-shrinking.
  • It's non-oily.
  • It cleans up better.
  • It is easy to color match.
Application Instructions
The Chemcraft pore filler application instructions include a couple of color recipes (Brian Boedigheimer recommends 10% added tint by volume, but you may find that a smaller ratio works for you).
Also see our universal tints (UTC's) for coloring your pore filler.
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SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
FPFMB Pore filler, Chemcraft med. brown, 16 oz.
Yes $21.58
FPFRB Pore filler, Chemcraft red brown, 16 oz.
Yes $21.58
FPFDB Pore filler, Chemcraft dark brown, 16 oz.
Yes $21.58
FPFCN Pore filler, Chemcraft Neutral, 16 oz.
Yes $19.48

For pore filler application use our plastic spreaders.