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Dye Concentrates


These dyes are available in highly concentrated liquid form in either water or solvent base. With the five basic colors (red, blue, yellow, brown, and black) it is possible to create any color imaginable. For staining unfinished wood or adding transparent coloring to the new water-base lacquers, we recommend using the water-based dyes. For tinting lacquer (and other organic solvent finishes) use the MEK-based or acetone based dyes. Do not interchange the dye base/finish base as it will cause chemical incompatibility problems. The base solvent of the dyes (either acetone or methyl ethyl ketone -MEK) can be used to further dilute our dye concentrates if necessary.

*When using the water-based dye, be sure you mix it in distilled water prior to adding it to the finish.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our MEK dyes are being phased out and being replaced by acetone based dyes. Acetone evaporates much more quickly than MEK, so be sure you keep your bottles tightly closed when not in use. Although these dyes can be added to lacquer, do so cautiously as excess amounts of acetone can cause blushing in lacquer. We recommend adding dyes to small quantities of lacquer and, as with any finish, you should test on scrap material before spraying your finished instrument. 

See Safety Data Sheet for Acetone-based dye concentrate, blue, FMDYBL.  

CAUTION: It is the obligation of the purchaser to understand the local ordinances pertaining to finishes and finishing with respect to both product and application. All the products on this page are considered hazardous and must be shipped via ground service. The water based products are included in this restriction.

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FMDYWRF Water-based, dye concentrate, red, 2 oz.
Yes $12.65
FMDYWBLF Water-based, dye concentrate, blue, 2 oz.
No $12.65
FMDYWYF Water-based, dye concentrate, yellow, 2 oz.
Yes $12.65
FMDYWBRF Water-based, dye concentrate, brown, 2 oz.
Yes $12.65
FMDYWBKF Water-based, dye concentrate, black, 2 oz.
Yes $12.65
FMDYBL Acetone-base, dye concentrate, blue, 2oz.
Yes $6.46
FMDYMEKY MEK-based, dye concentrate, yellow, 2 oz.
Yes $6.46
FMDYMEKBR MEK-based, dye concentrate, brown, 2 oz.
Yes $6.46
FMDYMEKBK MEK-based, dye concentrate, black, 2 oz.
Yes $6.46