“I have seldom had
experience with
a company with
such careful attention
to customer
Although I am sure
my orders are
smaller than most,
your products have
been of the highest
quality and your
responsiveness to
my special requests
have always been
treated with
respect and
My thanks to
all of your staff."

Dave S.,
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Aniline Dyes Alcohol Soluble


Alcohol soluble aniline dyes

After much searching and testing of dyes available in the U.S. (we tested Behlen, Wallbruin, Mohawk, Star, and several other brands) we found these. They're more brilliant, richer, and brighter than our old liquid stains, and certainly more so than the other brands we tested.

Available in powder form and when mixed will yield one to two quarts, depending on color, of good concentration. Non-grain-raising, soluble in lacquer, 1/2 oz. powder.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
FSB Dye, 1/2 oz. each color (6) Yes $24.10 N/A
FSTA Amber, 1/2 oz. Yes $4.46 $3.99
FSTB Brown, 1/2 oz. Yes $4.46 $3.99
FSTBK Black, 1/2 oz. Yes $4.46 $3.99
FSTBL Blue, 1/2 oz. Yes $4.46 $3.99
FSTR Red, 1/2 oz. Yes $4.46 $3.99
FSTY Yellow, 1/2 oz. Yes $4.46 $3.99