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Buffing Wheels

There are a lot of options available for buffing wheels, so when we decided to add buffing wheels to our line of fine finishing products we wanted to carry the very best. We consulted with numerous guitar builders, but chiefly with Lance McCollum and Adam Stark (who does the finishing for Santa Cruz Guitars among many others) and with Frank Ford of Gryphon Stringed Instrument fame. We are confident that you will find these wheels to be of the highest quality and ideal for finishing guitars to a high gloss.

The FLDW bias (pleated) canton flannel wheel is a 12", 12-ply metal centered wheel. This wheel is typically used first in the buffing process to remove any scratches remaining after your final sanding. The FLMW is a 12" soft, single sewed, 15-ply canton flannel wheel typically used for the final buff of your instrument. The FLMW can be threaded directly onto your 3/4" arbor (see suggestions below) or it can be mounted using the FLSF flanges. We recommend that two to four of these wheels be mounted on your buffer to have sufficient surface area to buff your instrument. Our FLR rake is used to clean your buffing wheels to rid them of excess compound.

Frank Ford recommends that you flood the center of the flannel wheel with cyano acrylate (FGHO) glue and let it harden. Once hard, you can "thread" the flannel wheel onto the shaft of the buffing assembly. This will help the center of the unreinforced flannel wheel hold up longer. Our flannel wheel comes with a 5/8 inch arbor hole so that it will fit tightly on the 3/4 inch arbor. If you decide to use the cyano acrylate method referenced above, you will need to either enlarge the hole to 3/4" prior to flooding it with glue, or wait for the glue to dry, then enlarge it with a 3/4" Forstner bit. At that point it should thread nicely on to the arbor.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
FLDW 12" bias canton flannel buffing wheel w/metal center for 3/4" arbor
Yes $17.38
FLDW1 12" bias canton flannel buffing wheel w/metal center for 1" arbor
Yes $17.38
FLMW 12" soft canton flannel buffing wheel for 3/4" arbor
Yes $14.18
FLR Buffing rake w/handle
Yes $20.95
FLSF Steel flanges for 3/4" arbor (set of 2)
Yes $32.39