“I'm doing some wood binding today, and I pulled out a few pieces of curly maple I've had for a while that I bought from you. It never ceases to amaze me how LMI, above all my other suppliers, just consistently gives me materials that never fail to surpass my expectations. No matter what any picture on your site looks like, whatever I get is always better. Really appreciate it. I know that you supply many other people far beyond my volume and talent, but I am definitely a customer for life!"

Norland High Tack Fish Glue

  COLOR: Light Caramel
  Temperature Range: -30°F to +500°F
  Time to Tack: 1 minute
  Open Time: 1.5 to 2 hours
  Viscosity: Medium brush on (4000 cps)
  Storability: Excellent (Freeze-Thaw Stable)
  Flammability: Non-Flammable
  Shear Strength: 3200 PSI
with 50% wood failure (ASTM D 905)

Norland High Tack Fish Glue  is the most highly recommended fish glue on the market today. It can substitute for hot hide glue in applications where a longer working time is necessary. It is very repairable as it re-activates with water. The high tack means your pieces won’t slip and slide while you’re trying to glue them. It is resistant to solvents and has good heat resistance, while cleaning up easily with water. LMI has packed this glue in 8 ounce containers for your convenience.


  • Cold Bonding: While adhesive films are still wet, materials should be bonded and maintained under pressure until adhesive sets. Suggested clamping time for wood, 12 hours.

  • Re-activation: Surfaces coated with High Tack Fish Glue and allowed to dry may be readily re-activated by a light coat of water. The remoistened surface develops immediate tack and may be bonded to many surfaces including steel, glass and wood.

  • Thinning: thin with water

  • Clean-up: clean up with water


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