“I'm doing some wood binding today, and I pulled out a few pieces of curly maple I've had for a while that I bought from you. It never ceases to amaze me how LMI, above all my other suppliers, just consistently gives me materials that never fail to surpass my expectations. No matter what any picture on your site looks like, whatever I get is always better. Really appreciate it. I know that you supply many other people far beyond my volume and talent, but I am definitely a customer for life!"

Granular Hide Glue



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Hide Glue: How to mix
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The case for ground hide glue is that it has been used for centuries, and good, strong, centuries-old glue joints are still in existence. The newer liquid hide glues with preservatives do not develop the strength of granular hide glues, and can fail with extended periods of high humidity.

This one, which has a gram strength of 192 (perfect for lutherie) boasts the following other traits: It dries to a crystalline state and does not dampen or absorb string energy; Joints can be easily taken apart with warm water, heat, and some use vinegar; It can be used for sizing end grain, by using a dilute solution – This will prevent subsequent starving of joints in cases where end grain is joined (such as the neck); Hide glue can be used in well-made, tight joints because it requires only a thin coating, where other glue types require a thick coating; Hide glue is transparent and can be used as a pore filler by mixing with pigments or sawdust (as do many of the Granada makers); and it sands easily.

Don't be concerned if you see very small white chalky specs in your dry glue. A small amount of zinc sulfate is added to the glue. It acts a a preservative, extending the life of your glue.

Michael M says about our glue: “ I had never used hide glue before and decided it would make my old style wood working (mostly early medieval) more authentic. After searching I went with yours because I figured for instruments makers it would be the best. I am so impressed. After reading the instructions I went for it. Hide glue is easy to use and the holding power and clean up are incredible. I'm hooked. Tossed my Elmer's and only use it now. You have a loyal customer”.

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