“You guys are the best. I just received my order and literally every time i describe my specifications on how the fretboards should look you guys deliver 10/10. the two long scale indian rosewood fingerboards looks simply spectacular and the ziricote is glorious. I usually dont take the time to write these but this time I had to. Thanks for years of wonderful service guys. And if you can find the guys who helped pick my recent boards, make sure to personally tell them how happy I am."

Loyal Customer, AM

Satellite City CA glues

Satellite City, founded back in 1970, is known for its high-strength, industrial-grade cyanoacrylate glue (commonly referred to as CA glue or super glue). Great for bonding wood, metal, stone, plastic, rubber, or just about anything else.

Please note that all items on this page are compatible with Satellite City products only.



 • How to install bindings
   and purflings
using CA glue.



 • How to use CA glue to
   fill the gaps on the fret ends.


Dangerous Materials.