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Sanding Detailer

SandingDetailerFSDFGK700 Fine grit variety pack, FSDFGK SandingDetailerFSDCGK700Coarse grit variety pack, FSDCGK

The Sanding Detailer is a slick little multi-purpose tool that can be used on braces,
when fret dressing or for a multitude of other uses.
Each kit comes with 4 color coded sticks with pre-loaded sandpaper and 5 additional belts in each grit.

  • The fine grit variety pack (FSDFGK) has 240, 320, 400 and 500 grit paper.
  • The course grit variety pack (FSDCGK) has 80, 120, 180 and 240 grit paper.

In addition, we sell additional refill packs with 5 belts in each pack. Made in USA.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
FSDFGK Sanding Detailer fine grit variety pack Yes $26.09
FSDCGK Sanding Detailer course grit variety pack Yes $26.09
FSD80 Sanding Detailer 80 grit refill pack Yes $5.24
FSD120 Sanding Detailer 120 grit refill pack Yes $5.24
FSD180 Sanding Detailer 180 grit refill pack Yes $5.24
FSD240 Sanding Detailer 240 grit refill pack Yes $5.24
FSD320 Sanding Detailer 320 grit refill pack Yes $5.24
FSD400 Sanding Detailer 400 grit refill pack Yes $5.24
FSD500 Sanding Detailer 500 grit refill pack Yes $5.24