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Mandolin Kit Parts List - MANDOKIT1

Item #   Part description Quantity
BM56   The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Manual
  (manual includes plans) - Siminoff
BRIM   Bridge, Ebony Mandolin 1
DWP4K   Dots, 4mm Mother-of-Pearl - 20 pack 1
FW68   Fretwire 1
SMNI4   Tuners, Schaller F-style, nickel plate, pearloid buttons 1
N1   Bone Nut 1
NC   Corian Nut 2
PGBWB   Pickguard Sheet BW,  laminated 1
PIE1M   End Pin, Ebony w/MOP dot 1
TRMG   Truss Rod, compression style 1
PBLM1   Binding, BW ABS Plastic 3
PB3   Binding, White ABS Plastic 3
TPM   Tailpiece, Nickel Mandolin 1
BWSS1   Bracewood, Sitka Spruce 1
HPAE1AG   Headplate, African Ebony, oversized 1
WKFSM   Kerfing, Mahogany 2
WKFSSP   Kerfing, Sitka Spruce 2
FBAE1MU   Fingerboard, African Ebony 1
HBHM2643   Support Blocks 1