"Many Thanks in advance. I have your manual slotting system and I love it! It's so easy to set up and a joy to use - awesome product. Always a pleasure to do business with you. You have exceptional products and service."

 - John Dixon, Canada

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• Open cantilever design provides easy front access for loading/un-loading of wood/slat stack.
• Aluminum extrusion backbone is adjustable to accommodate smaller projects.
• Precision Machine head design incorporates interchangeable waist caul/shoe sets.
• Upgraded head press screw
• Compact size/Smaller footprint - The stable base houses the new temperature controller.

• Pre-drilled Base for rigid bench mounting or our unique center pivot setup.
• Simple breakdown - 2 compact components
• Revolutionary roller clamp maintains constant spring tension.
• Silicone rubber sheathed Roller for high temperature no-slip bending.
• Stable Roller assembly won’t wander/drift under spring tension.
• New mold design adds continuous center support.
• Mold locks to base
• Compact Molds break down for easy storage.

• Full length spring steel slats 0.008" provide greater functionality during bending.
• Unique waist spring steel slat 0.020"