Building On A Budget

 by Chris Herrod

Uh, oh, money's tight! What to do when that itch to build a guitar won't leave you alone? Come to LMI, where there are always a ton of great options to save you some dough.

1) Use the Custom Guitar Wizard! With the Custom Guitar Wizard you have the freedom to include any tonewood you want, from great budget oriented choices (lower grade tonewoods) to the highest of the high end. And the savings you get by using the Custom Guitar Wizard are substantial. They sometimes even eclipse the wholesale/discount prices we charge the big manufacturers.

2) Check out the 2nd grade offerings. With a little imagination, ingenuity and know-how, you can weave lower grade parts into a professional quality instrument. Confused about what constitutes second grade on a particular part? Give us a call or email and we will let you know exactly what to expect - and what your options are for special selection of your woods (always a no - charge option at LMI!).

3) Explore the alternatives. We are proud of the huge variety of alternative woods we make available for discerning customers. Here is a sampling: