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Some resources to help you along as you get started with guitar building.

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Whether you believe in "beginners luck" or not, you've found us and that means you'll be off to a great start as you begin to build instruments! We are the ideal place to provide the perfect woods and hard to find tools and accessories that help make your project a success. At LMI we are proud to have assisted literally thousands of woodworkers, musicians, and craftspeople enter successfully into this extremely gratifying pursuit. It's great fun helping beginning builders. Often we meet them later at trade shows or guitar festivals and get to see the fine instruments they have created.


How does LMI help?

These groups offer a great opportunity to network with others who are interested in luthiery.   Some groups (such as GAL and ASIA) are nation wide (even world wide!) but most here are regional groups who hold monthly or bi-monthly meetings. Are we missing your group here? Please let us know!

Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans' (ASIA)

Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans' (ASIA) site. Membership includes quarterly magazine ‘Guitarmaker’.

Colorado Luthiers Group

Guild of American Luthiers (GAL)

Numerous resources for the guitar builder including the quarterly journal, American Luthier.

Luthiers Interactive of North Texas (LINT)

Northern California Association of Luthiers (NCAL)

Seattle Luthiers Group

Stringed Instrument Makers of Southern California (SIMSCal)

Colorado Luthiers Group

Ukulele Guild of Hawaii 
A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the ukulele as a significant musical instrument.

LMI carries numerous books and videos on guitar building. There are a variety of ways to go about things, and we think it is a good idea to investigate a number of books. All of the books we carry have strong points, and the staff at LMI is happy to help you choose the book(s) best for you.

Following are some of LMI's favorite books and videos:



LMI’s website has a growing list of informative articles. Among them are:


Got a burning question? Need to talk directly with an experienced guitar builder? There are a growing number of online communities that offer advice and camaraderie. 

Here are some schools and online courses that teach guitar building. LMI offers students enrolled in a lutherie school a 10% discount on any items shipped to their school! Keep in mind that there are other schools out there and that many guitar makers provide instruction on an individual basis:

Schools in USA

Schools in Canada


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