Bed time... I don't think so. Not when you have the new LMI plunge Dremel base and a curly mahogany set that needs a sound port. I Love it. That was my first try at it. It knock off bout 15-20min of work! I knew exactly what I needed if for when you told me you had some with you at the GAL. I love that base and the light attachment is beyond perfect!

Dave VanderWeele

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Guitar Carrier Instructions

The guitar carrier is a central base and four adjustable arm assemblies (two sets each). The upper bout arm assembly has taller stanchions with shorter plywood arms and the lower bout arm assembly has shorter stanchions with longer plywood arms (photo 1, 2).

Attach the four arm assemblies to the base in the following steps: Match the arm assemblies to the base. (photo 3). Note: the base screw pockets are facing down. Place one of the arms over its respective slot and push two 10-24 x 3/4" screws from below into the arm. Attach with 10-24 square nuts. Attach the other three arm assemblies to the base.



Carrier Setup
Set-up the carrier upper and lower bout travelers using these steps:

  1. Measure the guitar body depth at the approximate upper and lower arm locations. Subtract the smaller measurement from the larger measurement to get the depth difference.
  2. Match up both lower bout traveler heights – in general lower is better.
  3. Measure the lower bout traveler height from traveler top to stanchion base (photo 4).
  4. Add the body depth difference determined in step 1 to the lower bout traveler height and set the upper bout travelers height to this value.
  5. With the “to be cut” side of the guitar facing down, carefully place the carrier over the body and slide the arms inward until the travelers are resting on the guitar and the stanchions are againstthe body.
  6. Loop the elastic cord around the stanchions (photo 5) and apply light tension to pull the stanchions tight against the body.
  7. Center the base and tighten the 16 carrier arm screws working from the outside in.
  8. Carefully grasp both the guitar and carrier to lift, turn over, and place on a flat bench.
  9. Release the elastic cord and remove it. Measure the total assembly height at each arm and if needed, adjust to level using the thumb knobs.
  10. Lock the travelers using the brass thumb nuts.