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Grading West African Ebony

FINGERBOARDWestAfricanEbonyPremium400 FINGERBOARDWestAfricanEbonyFirstGrade400 FINGERBOARDWestAfricanEbony2ndGrade400
Premium Grade 1st Grade 2nd Grade


  • Premium grade boards are the very darkest available in this species, though few will be “jet black”. About 2 to 4 percent of the Ebony we receive will fall into this grade. No quantity discounts are given and they are often out of stock.

  • 1st grade boards will commonly exhibit grey streaks and/or grey mottling. This is the grade we are shipping to high-end guitar manufactures and luthiers. If there is a defect, it will be a  small one on a nice board (a few small pinholes or a very small knot). Additional quantity discounts are available for purchases of 25 or more units. Please inquire.

  • 2nd grade boards usually have broad grey patches. Some small worm holes are allowed as are irregularities in the grain orientation (twists or knots with no voids).