“I'm doing some wood binding today, and I pulled out a few pieces of curly maple I've had for a while that I bought from you. It never ceases to amaze me how LMI, above all my other suppliers, just consistently gives me materials that never fail to surpass my expectations. No matter what any picture on your site looks like, whatever I get is always better. Really appreciate it. I know that you supply many other people far beyond my volume and talent, but I am definitely a customer for life!"

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BACK & SIDES: Grading and Dimensions

Backs are graded based on the quality of the pattern area on the wood and are not always rectangular. Sides are graded assuming they will be tapered. Small defects may occur outside the pattern areas (see photo).

If you require something that does not fit into the parameters listed below, please call or email us to inquire about different dimensions. They are often available.


Steel String Dreadnought Sets 

Large enough for a typical dreadnought sized guitar.


  • Lower Bout – 15½"
  • Upper Bout – 11½"
  • Body Length – 20"


  • Wide End – 5"
  • Narrow End – 4¼"
  • Length – 32"

Classical/OM Sets
Large enough for a typical 000/OM instrument.
An OM (orchestra model) shape is a little larger than a traditional classical guitar.


  • Lower Bout – 15"
  • Upper Bout – 11 ¼" 
  • Body Length – 19 ½"


  • Wide End – 4½"
  • Narrow End – 3¾"
  • Length – 30"