The X-brace and the treble side tone bars have already been glued and now we're gluing the remainder of the tone bars.  
The transverse brace and the cross-grain reinforcement patch at the top of the soundboard have not been glued yet. Since this part of the sound board is flat, not domed, these two braces have flat bottoms and can not be glued while the top is resting in the hollow form. I'll glue them after I've carved the other braces.
Apology!!  I have misplaced the pictures I took while carving the top braces, the following pictures are actually of a guitar I made for a friend. The braces are similar but not exactly the same.  You'll notice that these braces are taller and narrower than usual. This guitar is loud and brassy, perfect for it's owners style and needs. His lead can easily be heard over a rhythm guitar. The braces for the project guitar are more traditional and I expect it's voice to be more traditional as well.
The braces are all glued and the top is ready for carving. Just getting started. I usually thin the brace first and then carve it's profile.
Coming along. . . and along . . .

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