Christmas in August!!!!  The kit arrives at work packed in three boxes.  It takes all the will power I can muster not to rip them all open right there in the showroom! But I dutifully load them into my car for the trip home.

The packing is superb!   If California weren't so far away I'd try to hire the entire shipping department at LMI.  Those folks are GOOD!   As you can see from these photos, the freight company did their best to screw things up!

Taking inventory.  

LMI provides a comprehensive packing list but I'm a visual kind of guy and besides, it's more fun to lay everything out!  

Note that each piece is protected and that anything that can leak is shipped in a zip-lock bag. Talk about attention to detail !

I've got to go now, I'm going to go buy stock in bubble-wrap!


Owning a business of my own I'm a trifle horrified by the costs represented by all this packing material, but there is no disputing the results.  Everything arrived in perfect condition despite the best efforts of the freight company.   You've heard it said that "The devil is in the details?" I think it speaks volumes for a company to exhibit this level of  dedication and attention to detail.  Kudos to the shipping department! (Yeah, OK, and to management for not pinching pennies in this important department.)

Here are all the parts that go into a guitar. Amazingly, my wife failed to understand how this artful display improved our living room decor so I had to take everything  back down to the shop.  Go figure!

Now that everything has arrived it's time to lay out my plan of attack.  The first step is to get a mental image of where I'm going.

 Here is the guitar I'll be using as a model, a Martin HD-28 built in 1989.


No doubt you're wondering what the blob on the right is.  The "peanuts" that LMI uses as packing material are biodegradable!  I just splashed a little water on the one on the right and it dissolved.  How cool is that?

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